PR Tactical Corporation creates realistic pyrotechnic training simulators, battle scene effects, OPFOR Equipment and firing systems for Military Units and Public Safety Agencies. Our mission is to stress inoculate war fighters and public safety personnel against the disorienting effects of explosions. PR-Pyro products are developed based on the experiences of combat Veterans and training experts. PR-Pyro products effectively simulate realistic operational scenarios.

PR-PYROS create the blast, flash, explosive sound, heat, smoke, and smell of explosions, without the dangers of overpressure, fragmentation, shrapnel, and extreme decibel levels. PR-PYRO OPFOR MUNITIONS and EQUIPMENT provide battle scene realism with a high degree of Safety.

Core Competencies

  • Pyrotechnic Explosive Simulators
  • Battlefield Special Effects (BFX)
  • Realistic Pyro Launching Simulators - RPG, SAM, Mortar
  • Firing Systems: Wireless Remote & Hard Wired
  • EOD Fuse Wire Coils
  • USA Made Pyrotechnics and Equipment


  • We have 18+ years of meeting the training needs of the military and government agencies.
  • We offer the highest quality US made pyrotechnics.
  • Our staff is current or former law enforcement and military.
  • Our products are purpose built for military training with a high degree of safety and realism.