3 New Additions to our OPFOR Munitions & Equipment Brand for 2017

The PR Tactical Corporation announces three new additions to our OPFOR Munitions & Equipment brand for 2017.

The PR-RPG2-HX is an upgraded version of our top selling PR-RPG-1C launcher simulator. The new version is improved to use PR-PYRO-RPG HELIX Munitions which have no electric match wires to connect in the loading process. The user only has to drop the new RPG-HX munitions into the rocket tube,line up the target, and press both trigger switches to fire. Rapid fire capability is increased greatly, and night firing becomes easy. The PR-RPG2-HX simulator and HX Munitions are expected to be released in July of 2017.

The popular firing system PR-REMOTE KITS (2),(4),and (6) are improved to include the new PR-TR-12B TRANSMITTER & one six foot dipole antenna per receiver to increase range and reception. The new transmitter and antenna combination will improve reception over rough,energy absorbing terrain. The new transmitter also brings an automatic (machine gun) mode to the system giving the operator the ability to hold down one button and fire all cues in series from one to twelve rapidly.

The PR-FBT-MK II FLASH BANG TRAINING KIT is now available from OPFOR MUNITIONS & EQUIPMENT. The kit consists of a grenade body, primer adapter, cleaning rod, one hundred primers, and five full power 12 gauge blanks. All are packaged in a weatherproof storage box. The training grenade will work in two modes of sound and flash output. It will yield a 120 dB blast with just a primer, and a 175-180 dB output and bright flash with one of the full power 12 gauge blanks. The grenade operates like a traditional police flash bang grenade, but it is much more safe and cost efficient to use. Neither the grenade nor its loads are BATFE regulated.